Magento Training in Udaipur

Magento (E-commerce) Training Institute in Udaipur

Launched way back in the year 2008, CMS Magneto has quickly become a hot favorite open source e-com website application for website designers. Over the years, the number of small scale business has increased and the business is being done online. CMS Magneto helps to build e-commerce applications that helps small retailers to manage and organize their business easily. At 3i Planet Academy, we offer high end CMS Magneto (Ecommerce) training in Udaipur where we teach students how the server is installed and then how Magneto is installed. While using Magneto, it is also important to have SQL installed too. Our course and training includes all these and many more. The guidance provided by our trainers will helps students understand the details of CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

Designing and Additional Options

One of the reasons why we have decided to provide CMS Magneto (Ecommerce) training in Udaipur is because we want small retailers to flourish with their business. By training students for this course, we will make sure that more and more retailers use this application and make their business easier to control. Our training course includes the building the application from scratch. Starting from the basics of Magneto to customizing the design for the customer to providing product options in the application, students will learn everything that is even remotely associated with Magneto. Different retailers have different organizing system and according to that the application has to be built. That is why we have tried to make the training module as realistic as possible. Once a specific semester is completed, there are assessments that students have to complete. After the full course is complete, they would have to build an e-commerce application according to the specifications given by our trainers.

Payment Services and Customer Management

This is one of the crucial part of Magneto and has to be taught in detail. Our CMS Magneto (Ecommerce) training in Udaipur is so well designed that we give considerable amount of time to our students so that they can understand and learn this part well. In fact, our trainers are always open to queries and they teach the students in the easiest possible way. Customer management and customer engagement is important because small retailers depend on a limited number of customers and if there is any issue with the payment service or any other part, then they will be on the verge of losing those customers for good.

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